Airborne Leak Detection and Pipeline/ROW Inspection

LASEN is the industry leader in airborne methane leak detection, our system is 98% accurate in detecting leaks from 300-500 feet above the ground.   Our flight altitude and the speed of the onboard laser allow our helicopters to safely fly at speeds up to 65mph, allowing for 15 times the range of vehicle mounted systems.   All inspections include a high resolution video of the entire flight, allowing you to also inspect your Right of Way (ROW) for compliance.

Transmission Inspection

Airborne video of your transmission lines

Right of Way Inspection

High Resolution Video of your ROW for visual inspection

Pipeline Leak Detection

Detection of Methane leaks using LIDAR

Client Portal - Fast Online Access to Your Inspection Reports

Our indication reporting system is the fastest this industry has to offer, the results are available online within 24 hours. Inspection data can be available within 1 to 2 hours of an inspection with proper notification.

Download GPS coordinates, images from the helicopter, and satellite imagery for each indication to allow for easy location of the site. GPS data points can be downloaded into industry standard GIS mapping formats.

GPS Satellite Imagery

Download Satellite Images and GPS Coordinates

Flight Imagery

Download Flight Imagery Taken by Helicopter

Detailed Reports

Export GPS data, Export Reports, Proof of Inspection Report