Superior Airborne Pipeline Leak Detection Survey Contractor

DOT/PH MSA funded LaSen, Inc. to develop and ultimately offer the best solution for leak detection and video surveying of storage fields, gathering and transmission gas and liquid pipeline systems with unmatched accuracy, speed, report turnaround time (within hours), all for a reasonable price. By consistently meeting these objectives, we have earned many major pipeline company’s repeat business throughout the USA’s lower 48 and in Canada. With our helicopters in different parts of the US, we can quickly work your pipeline survey needs and compliance dates into our existing flight (inspection) schedule. Thus our shared mobilization plan greatly reduces the cost.

Unmatched Flying Altitude

300-500ft, safely above trees and power lines

Unmatched Flight Speed

Our system can operate @ 60 mph

Unmatched Laser Speed

Laser @ 400 hertz, more than double our competitor's

Laser Illumination

1,600 square feet that illuminates ROW 400 times per second

Unmatched Detection Accuracy

Capable of detecting the smallest leaks down to 5 PPM

Aspen System

Real time data on wind speed and direction

ALPIS is a stand-off detection system. Leak indications are detected when the eye-safe laser beam passes through a plume of methane or NGL: propane, butane or other hydro-carbons.

The laser is tuned to only detect one hydrocarbon during the survey.

The laser is synchronized with the downward looking camera and records both the GPS coordinates and a photograph of each leak indication detected.
Log into our client portal to view the photograph and details of each indication detected:
  • Date and Time
  • GPS Coordinates
  • Location Details
  • Flight Path
  • Wind Direction & Speed
Video of your ROW is filmed from our helicopter pilot’s view to see: Encroachments, Erosion, New Structures, Tree Canopy, Construction Inspection, Damages, etc.

The video is date and time stamped to prove when your ROW was both leak and visually surveyed.

ALPIS™ - Airborne Lidar Pipeline Inspection Service

ALPIS™ System Components

  • ALPIS™ is comprised of an airborne sensor unit and operator’s console.
  • The main sensor enclosure houses the eye-safe laser, computer, receiver optics and detectors.
  • In addition, the system is equipped with a high resolution imaging cameras and a GPS receiver.

How It Works

  • The eye-safe laser beam is transmitted down from the aircraft to illuminate the area on the ground above and around the buried pipe.
  • The light reflected from the ground is collected by the sensor’s receiver, and the amount of received energy is measured.
  • If the eye-safe laser beam passes through a gas plume emanating from a pipeline leak, the received energy will be diminished due to the absorption of laser light in the plume.
  • This absorption signature is used to locate the leak and to assess its approximate magnitude.


Industry Best Flight Range and Accuracy

LASEN's ability to survey up to 300 miles per day make LASEN the most efficient option available. LASEN has proven its technology in three separate testing areas with over 50% better results than our leading competitors.


Our ALPIS™ Laser is the most accurate airborne leak detection system in the industry, with an unmatched accuracy rating, up to 98% ! Accuracy is not limited by cloudy or windy days, and is not Limited to certain times of the day.

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